WATCH: Hayley, Taylor + Zac perform together...but it wasn't a Paramore show

Can you imagine being there for this?  Paramore's Hayley Williams,  Taylor York and (newly rejoined) Zac Farrow all played together this week at an itty-bitty little place - a Chinese restaurant in Nashville.

If you're wondering stuff like:  How? Why? And why weren't we there?

Well, here's what went down... the occasion was the official EP release party for Zac Farrow's other band HalfNoise.  Hayley does vocals on one of the songs on the EP called "As U Wave,"  and basically Hayley and Taylor wanted to be there support their friend/bandmate's they showed up,  sang, played along, tweeted about it and left us all wishing we could have been there, too.  During the performance they did a cover of Radiohead's "House of Cards" and we're grateful there's video of that and other performances, Check 'em all out below.

Photo Credit: Julia Dixon via Paramore Belgium

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