Do you know Ray in Philly who sent this message in a bottle?

A guy from Utah, who has a knack for finding messages in bottles,  was vacationing in The British West Indies, and found a bottle containing a message from...Ray in Philadelphia.  He'd like to let Ray know his message was received - but there's one small problem - the bottle was damaged, and the note was also damaged, so the phone # that Ray left on the message isn't legible.

The bottle finder has taken to the internet to see if WE can help locate this mystery message sender.

For some reason I REALLY want to know who this Ray character is and see him get in touch.   Can you help? Do you know Ray from Philly who was on a Carnival Cruise in May 2014?  

And now you know we gotta listen to "Message In A Bottle" - how bout a version with No Doubt + Sting, below.

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