New dating app makes matches based on what you HATE

Hater is a brand new dating app that makes matches based on what users, well, HATE...which is basically the complete opposite of alllll the other dating apps.  And it actually seems kinda FUN.  

Hater has been in beta for a couple months,  but officially launched today (2.8.17) just in time for that holiday next week.

The swipe is different than what you're used to: swipe in 4 different directions to select  love, hate, like, or dislike something. 

The list of things to rank your hate on is wide....from politics to food to tv to other apps like Twitter..but I gotta wonder, how much music stuff is on there?   Because in my book, that's THE most important thing.  I mean, how could I date someone who doesn't LOVE my favorite band - or worse, HATES them.  Let's get that mega important information right upfront, ok?

Huffington Post did a super thorough review on the app, if you want to know more before jumping in.

Now all we need is a hate/Hater updated version of this scene from High Fidelity, which was basically my bible for dating (before I met my husband, of course). 

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