Herr's Announces "Flavored By Philly" Chip Finalists

Wayyy back in November, you may remember that Herr's chips opened up their Flavored By Philly campaign, asking people to add suggestions on what new Philly-centric flavor they should craft up. They even offered up a $10,000 prize for the winning flavor!

Well after receiving over 6,200 flavors, Herr's announced the three finalists...

Long Hots & Sharp Provolone - I wasn't exactly right, but I did suggest Roast Pork with provolone and broccoli back in November...close... but this may be even better. This would be my pick for sure. A pepper and cheese combo is just perfect for a chip

215 Special Sauce - and ode to the condiment request at corner stores all around the city of salt, pepper, ketchup and hot sauce. This is the wild card but definitely has some potential. Depends how you feel about ketchup chips though...

Wiz Wit - I mean this was obvious right? A safe choice.

You can go to https://campaign.rtm.com/flavoredbyphilly and cast your vote until August 5th, 2022

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