Hershey's Kisses May Become Official Candy of Pennsylvania

If legislation goes through, we may have an official candy for Pennsylvania set.

After a successful campagin sparked from a group of eighth grade students from Newtown Middle School, the PA Senate Gov. Committee voted almost unanimouslty (10-1) to move the decision to the full Senate for consideration.

I don't think anyone can aruge that if there is a ever going to be a state candy, Hershey will be the obvious brand. Iconic and globally recognized but would your choice be the kiss??

I'm not one to pass up a kiss. The peppermint one's around Christmas time are slept on for sure. However, Reese's cups are my #1. Doesn't get better than that. Or maybe you just like the classic Hershey chocolate bar. If we're being real, it should probably be between those three. Maybe the two Hershey specific cus Hershey is synonymous PA but I digress

There are a ton options and the Kiss may be the solid choice, but I think there should be a little more debate here before we just deem it the official candy of PA. It's a big title and should be carefully and thoroughly fleshed out before hand. What say you?

More info at PhillyVoice.com

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