WATCH: Jason Kelce Sings National Anthem at Sixers Game

I mean what else is there left to say about this man. Jason Kelce proves time and time again that he can do no wrong in this city. Just stating the obvious at this point, but he has firmly cemented himself as one of Philly's most beloved athletes.

After announcing his decision stay on with the Birds (for at least one more year) in the most Jason way possible, drinking from the keg that Sirianni sent him, he deservedlely is getting even more shine, as he sang the National Anthem at last night's Sixers/Nuggets game at Wells Fargo Center. (doing so in the sweater worn by The Dude from The Big Lebowski is just **chefs kiss**)

Like his play on the field, he looked like he gave it his all with the singing, and the fans loved it, with the grand ovation. Whenever he decides to call it quits, build the statue, retire the number...all of it. Kelce is a legend.

Watch below...

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