Get a Corndog-Cheesesteak at Reading Terminal Market

Alright how we feeling about this? Personally, I like corndogs. They're good. They're also funny. Something about a hot dog wrapped in dough on a stick cracks up. But on a cheesesteak? Hmmm. sure why not.

Available until the end of the month, Fox & Son Fair Foods and Spataro's inside Philly's Reading Terminal Market are teaming to create a corndog cheesesteak

For $15, you can get a Spataro's cheesesteak, with sauteed onions, cooper sharp American cheese, mustard/ketchup with a Fox & Son's corndog inside on a roll.

It's only gonna available for a couple more weeks, so for better or for worse, this could be your final chance to get a corndog cheesesteak that you know you have been dreaming of. Stop by Spataro's.

More at and their video below

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