Foo Fighters Share New Song For 'Fraggle Rock' Series

If your show name is Fraggle Rock, and your theme song for that show is titled 'Fraggle Rock Rock'...then the song just HAS to rock. No way around it...and if you need a band to cover that song, they better F'ing rock...and guess what the Foo Fighters DEFINITELY rock.

Fraggle Rock, a childrens show that aired from 1983 to 1987 is getting a revival with Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, providing a little nostalgia for some parents out there, who can now enjoy it it with kids of their own. It premiered today on Apple TV+ and will feature the voices of Ed Helms (The Office) and Keenan Thompson (SNL).

Foo Fighters will be making a guest appearance on the show as well during this season, and have provided their take on Fraggle Rock Rock which you can hear below!

and guess what...the song rocks.

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