New Jersey Airport Item Makes it On TSA's Unusual Finds List

Some end of the year lists are exciting. Some not so much. Some are just interesting! I'm not sure how Atlantic City Airport will feel about one of their findings landing on TSA's Top 10 Catches of 2021 list but, hey it's good to know that they were doing their jobs!

Highlighting the most unusual items people tried to bring through security, landing at #10, someone tried to bring six bullets hidden inside a deodorant through TSA at Atlantic City Airport.

I don't know if it's people don't pay attention, are clueless or just plain dumb but there are always stories about the crazy shit people try to bring through security.

Other wild ones to note on this list...

  • hiding meth inside a burrito at Hobby International in Houston
  • machete at Reagan Internation in DC
  • and an actual, FULL SIZED CHAINSAW in New Orleans....unreal

Full list in video below...

CREDIT TO: CBS3 Philadelphia

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