'It's Always Sunny' Cast Members Launch New Podcast

The Gang Starts A Podcast feels like a title of an Always Sunny episode already. I guess technically Dennis and Dee did try to do a podcast in the 'Mac's Big Break' episode...but now it's actually happening in real life.

The stars and creators of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Rob McElhenney (Mac), Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton (Dennis) launched The Always Sunny Podcast yesterday and it is now available wherever you listen to podcasts.

The three of them will go back through the history of the show, breaking down episodes from the start, sharing all the memories of meeting, writing and creating this masterpiece of a show that is near and dear to us here in Philly.

Currently the longest running network comedy of all time, the 15th season of Always Sunny is set to premiere on Wednesday, December 1st.

This is gonna be a fun listen for sure.

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