New Jersey to Ban Animal-Tested Cosmetic Products in 2022

Good on ya New Jersey!

Starting next year, the state will be banning animal tested cosmetic products from establishments beginning on March 1st. Those who violate could be face a fine of $1000 per sale as well.

NJ is looking out for the animals, and with another bill signed by Gov. Phil Murphy...they are also looking out for the children...

Apparently it was illegal for children to run "temporary business" in the state, like lemonade stands. They needed a permit to do so, and while it was probably not strictly enforeced, it's still dumb. They won't need to worry about that anymore. Big win for kids. Big win for everybody.

I recently purchased from a lemonade stand in Fairmount a couple weeks back and got a high quality cup of lemonade and then the kids talked me into getting the jumbo homemade rice krispy treat with chocolate chips. Very happy with my decision. If you see one set up and don't support, shame on you.

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