Wawa is Testing Out Pizzas

Alright people how we feeling about this? Do we need pizza from Wawa or are they doing too much?

Wawa is always looking to add stuff to their menu, so they are now testing out 16 inch pies at a couple locations according to PhillyVoice

After 4pm, the Wawa's on West Baltimore Pike in Media and Drexel University on 36th and Market are offering pizza as they test out whether it is a viable option.

Maybe a pie can come in handy when they're open late during your drunk stumble around the city but i'm feeling like they're doing too much. There is certainly no shortage of pizza places around, basically one on every block.

They've done it with burgers and burritos in the past but I think Wawa should just focus on beefing up the quality of what they're already good at. Stick to the hoagies, pretzels, coffee and all that IMO.

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