You Can Help Pick the Flyers Goal Song This Year!

The Flyers are in need of your input. Ahead of getting everybody back in Wells Fargo Center for this upcoming season, the team is asking for you to help pick what song will play after each Flyers goal.

For the first time ever, until Thursday, September 23rd, you can submit your choice for the Flyers goal song this season at their team website!

If you were already thinkin Free Bird...well you and Gritty would be on the same page. Bring back Bro Hymn or the Doop Doop Doop duh duh Doop Doop Doop song from years past? You can do that too.

The team will review the submissions and then select some finalists, which fans will be able to vote on again later. I'm looking forward to what people come up with...I gotta get to thinking.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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