'It's Always Sunny' Filming in Ireland?

Maybe the gang needed go abroad and learn how to properly run an Irish pub because whatever they've been doing at Paddy's clearly hasn't been...um..."optimal."

According to IrishCentral , and a recent post on MovieExtras.ie (an Irish casting agency) there was a casting call this past Sunday in need of a Danny DeVito stunt double!

MovieExtras.ie --- "Yes, 'It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia' are coming to Ireland! And we need a Danny DeVito Double.

Shooting is this Sunday 29th Aug. and the location is Dublin.

Height: 4 ft 5, Large, Waist pant 41. If you know anyone that could work, please share, this is paid work."

Based on various social media posts from the cast including Rob McElhenney (Mac), Glenn Howerton (Dennis), Kaitlin Olson (Dee), they are all together again shooting the 15th season of Sunny after the obvious delay since Season 14 in 2019. I am sure they will get pretty creative with everything that has unfolded this past year, so having them in Ireland will only add more intrigue for this season.

I'm very much looking forward to it and will certainly pour one out for the poor people of Dublin who will have to deal with the gang's antics...although, they're probably used to binge drinking lunatics already.

Photo Credit; getty images

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