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The Killers Share 'Pressure Machine' Tracklist & Trailer Ahead of Release

Next Friday, we're getting a new Killers album. That much should get you excited. If you needed a little something extra, the group just put out the full track list and a new trailer to get you even more prepared.

With the previous Bruce Springsteen collab 'Dustland' left off, Pressure Machine will be nothing but brand new songs, 11 of them, with Phoebe Bridgers getting the lone feature on the song 'Runaway Horses'

Based on the visuals from the small town of Eureka, Utah and short snippets featuring some harmonica, it's seems as if we'll be getting more of a Western, desert-type sound from The Killers on this new project....i'm intrigued.

Pressure Machine tracklist...

1. ‘West Hills’

2. ‘Quiet Town’

3. ‘Terrible Thing’

4. ‘Cody’

5. ‘Sleepwalker’

6. ‘Runaway Horses’ (featuring Phoebe Bridgers)

7. ‘In The Car Outside’

8. ‘In Another Life’

9. ‘Desperate Things’

10. ‘Pressure Machine’

11. ‘The Getting By’

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