A New Brewery is Taking Over Goose Island's Old Fishtown Location!

As a person who lives close by to it, and one who regularly attended shows at the Fillmore, I was shook when Goose Island announced that they were shutting down their brewhouse in Fishtown.

Being prime real estate right next to a major venue, I figured something would snatch the building up quickly, and according to The Philadelphia Inquirer that's what's happening!

They are reporting that Brooklyn's Other Half Brewing Co. will be taking over the space and setting up for an opening later this year! The brewery is said to have a have a strong fan base (212K followers on the gram) all the way from upstate New York down to D.C. so it makes sense to split the difference with another location!

I'm not familiar with Other Half but I pretty much always grabbed a beer at Goose Island right before a Fillmore show and loved their outdoor area. It was perfect for hanging out in warm weather or even grabbing a fire pit in the Fall, so I'm glad to hear we'll be getting something new to check out there soon!

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