The Killers Are Already Working on Another Album!

With their 7th album finished and due out in August, nobody would knock The Killers if they wanted to take some time to ride it out until it's released...but that's not how they're doing things.

According to guitarist, Dave Keuning who recently rejoined the band for this upcoming album, revealed that they're already working on the 8th one together."

He added that they "don't know what it will sound like" yet, but they are "writing ideas for it and got quite a few already, so we have a good start"

So while we will gladly accept and enjoy what we get from the group this August, it sounds like even more is on the way, showing that group is in a real creative groove on the heels of last year's Imploding the Mirage.

Photo Credit: getty images

Interview Credit: NME

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