Noel Gallagher Planning a Solo 'Oasis' Tour?

When it comes to saving money, and budgeting...normal people save for a house, a car, college...ya know something useful.

I'm not focused on that. I budget for the possible, yet highly unlikely Oasis reunion tour. So any sliver of hope I can cling on to every now and then gets me excited.

While it is not the full reunion i'm begging for, Noel Gallagher recently revealed to The Sun, maybe the next best thing...that he "will probably get round to a tour of mostly Oasis songs when I do the acoustic thing."

Adding that he wants to take it out properly with an orchestra, but he is not sure when that will happen because of "the COVID shit."

I'm vaxed Noel, so covid shit or not, i'll mask up, i'll do whatever. Just say the word, drop some show dates and i'll pull the trigger. If it's anything like his The Dreams We Have As Children live album, then I will pay whatever.

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