'Parks and Recreation' Band 'Mouse Rat' Release Two New Songs

I felllll in ittt. the piiiiittttt

If you haven't watched Parks and Recreation then this will all make no sense whatsoever, but... maybe this will now get you to give it a try (you should)

I've been catching some Parks and Rec reruns lately and it's even funnier than I remembered. Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer is an all time character and is absolutely hysterical throughout. One of his best contributions to the show though was his songwriting for his band Mouse Rat.

After releasing '5,000 Candles in the Wind', the emotional yet uplifting ode to Pawnee's beloved mini horse Lil Sebastian, Mouse Rat has now dropped two "new" ones for us...'The Pit' and 'Two Birds Holding Hands'

If you don't remember, 'The Pit' is a banger from the first season about Pratt's character drunkenly falling into a construction pit and breaking his leg while 'Two Birds' was his heartfelt song to his wife April (Audrey Plaza) at their wedding in season three.

These are all set to appear on 'The Awesome Album' due out at the end of this Summer on August 27th. Mark your calendars.

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