Glass Animals Are Releasing Their Own Peanut Butter

Glass Animals once said in their song 'Gooey', "you just wanna know those peanut butter vibes."

Well now, we will know those PB vibes because the group has partnered with Jackpot Peanut Butter in the UK to release their own spread for you to enjoy with your various jellies, jams, chocolate, or whatever combination you are feeling.

The reusable and refillable jar will be available for U.S. shipping starting on Friday, June 18th and about $3 of each sale will go to the Music Venue Trust, an organization who are helping grassroots music venue stay afloat as we inch closer to in person concerts.

You don't have to stop this spread. Buy it up, support live music venues and begin to look forward to enjoying that nice PB&J in your near future all thanks to Glass Animals.

Pre-order here

Photo Credit; Getty Images

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