Billy Joe Armstrong Picks Green Day's Best Song & His Favorite Album

It's always up for debate what song or album we consider the "best" from our favorite artists, so it's definitely interesting to hear straight from the people who crafted those pieces of work on what their opinions are.

Being around since the early 1990s, Green Day has a lot to pick from, and front man Billy Joe Armstrong recently made his picks for the best from the group. Recently speaking to VULTURE, Armstrong considered 'Jesus of Suburbia' to be their best song because "it's so epic."

Additionally, for what his favorite Green Day album is, he praised 1991's Kerplunk based on the fact that it perfectly captured the sound early Green Day. Billy explained that "it's kind of autobiographical," adding that "it was at a time before punk became mainstream."

I'm sure you all have your choices, i'm no different. I mean give me Dookie every time.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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