Real Life Always Sunny Episode? - Mac & Dee Rescue a Dog Off the Freeway!

Usually an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode has some sort of twisted outcome when the gang goes through with their various schemes. This is a real life episode though so something heartwarming is allowed to happen.

The married couple of Rob McElhenney & Kaitlin Olson who play Mac and Dee in our city's beloved show had quite the drive when Kaitlin suddenly stopped traffic to save a lost pit bull wandering on the busy 5 Freeway in Los Angeles!

After taking him to the vet, and originally given the name Brad Pitt for his incredible good looks...Rob wondered with his giant head and short legs if "Frank Reynolds" was a more fitting name lol.

It turns out that "Frank" or his actually name, "Chance" had a loving family that was looking for him. Rob and Kaitlin have since returned Chance to his owners and i'm definitely not tearing up at all...

See the amazing turn of events over at Rob McElhenney's Instagram HIGHLIGHTS now

Ps...Rob if read this and you're looking for a radio DJ, or just need an extra for the new season...i'm available.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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