Hayley Williams Teases New Paramore Album

It wasn't a HUGE tease, but it's something...and we'll take it.

After focusing on her two solo projects, Petals for Armor and Flowers for Vases / decansos, Hayley may be shifting that focus back to the group that we all know and love.

Posting a screen grab of a text convo with drummer Zac Farro, the two joked about getting old...but the tiny blurb to take notice on was a text from Zac..."paramore 6" followed by a slew of haha's

This of course leads to the thought of the group getting back together to work on the sixth Paramore album following 2017s After Laughter.

I don't think there was any doubt that Paramore would be getting back to work, with Hayley saying as recently as February that she's ready for the next album. Based on this little text convo, I think we can start getting excited for what's next.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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