Sylvester Stallone Writing a 'Rocky' Prequel TV Series?

There can never be too much Rocky right? While we venture into post-Rocky, now two movies into the spin off franchise of Creed, Sylvester Stallone is now thinking about pre-Rocky storylines...

Taking to his Instagram page, Stallone posted a notepad, with the ideas of a "treatment for a Rocky prequel for streaming." Adding that ideally it would be a 10 episode series that would follow 17 year old Rocky in 1960s Philadelphia.

While nothing is official, and he only "hopes it happens," I feel like as long as Stallone wants to keep adding to the story of Rocky, there will be a market for it. With how successful the "post Rocky" era of Creed has already become, a prequel for how "Robert Balboa" gets into fighting and becoming the iconic character we have fully embraced here in Philly would definitely be worth watching.

See the post below...

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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