Green Day Shares 1996 'Live in Prague' Footage for 'Insomniac' Anniversary

Back in October, 1995, Green Day's released their fourth studio album Insomniac, with notable songs "Geek Stink Breath,," "Brain Stew" and "Walking Contradiction." Now since we are in 2021, this year marks the 25th anniversary album, so the band has been putting out some special features to celebrate!

A brand new '25th Anniversary' deluxe edition of the album was put out on all streaming platforms this past Friday, featuring updated audio of all 14 tracks, as well as 8 live additions from a 1996 concert in Prague, Czech Republic.

To accompany those 8 songs, the 'Live in Prague' footage for each are now available to watch on Green Day's YouTube page!

Watch young Green Day rip through 'Brainstew' and 'Geek Stink Breath' below

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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