Gwen Stefani Not Ruling Out a Potential 'No Doubt' Reunion

Being in the current state we have been in for the past year, it has given us a time to reflect on things. Musicians are no different.

Gwen Stefani has become a well known name in entertainment with her highly successful solo career is music and television as a host on NBC's hit show The Voice.

However, before all that she was the frontwoman of another popular music commodity in the alt/reggae group No Doubt, first hitting the scene back in 1992, with songs like "Underneath it All", "Don't Speak" and "I'm Just A Girl" making them a house hold name

Recently speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Gwen realizes that a No Doubt reunion would be a "really big deal" adding that "she does think about it, i'm reflecting so much on all the music. When you're writing new music you reflect on everything you've done."

She doesn't know what the future holds, but it is encouraging to hear that she does think about the idea of getting back together and not being totally out on the concept. We'll see!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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