NEW VERSION: Kyoto - Phoebe Bridgers (feat. Jackson Browne)

Now that you're familiar with our iHeart Radio: On the Verge Artist, Phoebe Bridgers...thought I'd share a new version of the song attached to that title, now with a critically acclaimed songwriter of the 1970s and beyond!

As part of the Spotify Singles feature, Phoebe brought in legendary singer/songwriter Jackson Browne ('Running on Empty,' 'Doctor My Eyes,' 'Somebody's Baby') for a brand new stripped down version of Kyoto.

With Phoebe and Jackson's harmonies, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and some string instruments make it lovely listen. Maybe it will be included on Stripped Down Unplugged Sunday Mornings with me in the near future!

Also included on the link below is her cover of another legendary folk artist, John Prine's 'Summers End'...give them a listen!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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