You Can Now Win The 'Naked Gritty' Painting!

Remember a little over a month ago I put up an important blog of Gritty getting a nude portrait done of himself by local artist Benjamin Davis? Well now it can be yours! (see below)

Yesterday, Flyers Charities launched a sweepstakes for "Gritty Reclined" where fans can enter with various entries for their shot to win the one of a kind piece of art. $10 gets you three entries, $20 for 10, $50 for 60 and $100 for 200 entries.

The sweepstakes will run until next Monday, March 15th and a winner will be drawn the following day. If you are a die hard Flyers fan, or just a lover of Gritty, I really don't know how you could let this opportunity slip through your fingers


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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