Music Series Hosted By Dave Grohl and His Mom Coming to Paramount+

Moms are the best and deserve all the shine...(especially Shelley White, love you mom) so it's great to see ultimate good guy Dave Grohl bringing his mom to the spotlight for a new show!

It has been announced that in partnership with MTV Entertainment Studios, Paramount will be unveiling a new music series From Cradle to Stage on their streaming service Paramount+.

The show based on his mom Virginia Hanlon Grohl's book of the same title will feature her and Dave exploring the relationships between musicians and their mothers.

I remember from previous interviews Dave talking about his mom's book and I thought it was such an interesting concept that we may not think about as much. That is what it's like to watch your child grow and take to music, eventually becoming a global sensation.

Can't wait to mooch someone's log in to Paramount+ to watch this in the near future!

To get an idea of the show...take a look at the trailer for the book below

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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