The 1975's Matty Healy Shares 'Drive Like I Do' Updates

So, The 1975's side project, alias, whatever you wanna call it, Drive Like I Do is of much lore to fans of theirs. It was their band name before they all eventually The 1975, all the way back in 2002.

However, even though they both include the same members, lead singer Matty Healy says The 1975 and DLID are separate entities. That is why when Matty has teased a DLID project in the past, 1975 fans are obviously intrigued. So what could be in store?

Well Matty took to his instagram to drop a couple updates about what is to come from Drive Like I Do...including a selfie with the caption "finishing DLID today."

While this is very exciting news, he did throw a little cold water on it saying "it's not a full album, you guys r crazy."

It may not be a full album but the mysterious entity that is Drive Like I Do from the 1975 guys looks to be coming out very soon, and I can get down with that!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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