Foals Share Four New "CCTV Sessions" Performances

Not being able to be on the road, Foals have been getting together to record some intimate versions of songs dating all the way back to their 2013 album Holy Fire.

The CCTV Sessions have been a way for the band to reimagine their songs in a more "stripped down, slightly more electronic and lo fi way," Yannis Philippakis told NME.

Captured on CCTV cameras, the sessions give a "found footage" look to the performances, with rough and grainy visuals to go along with the scarcely produced sound coming from the band.

They're a really cool watch. You can find new versions of 'Neptune' and 'Dreaming Of' below, as well as two more, 'Sunday' and 'Exits' at Foals' YouTube page


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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