Need Some New Art? How About a Naked Gritty Portrait?

I've haven't been this attracted to a big orange haired specimen since my ex wife.

By now, we are used to Gritty's antics. Dumping popcorn on opposing fans, pushing people over on the ice are always in play, but now we are seeing a more sophisticated side of Gritty.

With the help of artist Benjamin Davis, our furry Flyers mascot stripped down out of his jersey and posed nude on a black leather couch for a tasteful portrait of his impeccable figure.

A hilarious series of tweets starting from him taking off his robe ensued, ending with the finished product (below) of him getting painted like one of your "french jawns"

Currently it is not for sale but what would be your highest bid and why would it be 6 figures? Hopefully some prints become available ASAP!

Go Flyers.

Photo Credit; Getty Images

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