Weezer Working on FOUR New Albums!

One album every couple of years is usually a standard in the music industry, maybe even longer if you're an established artist andyou really want to hone in on making something great.

Weezer accomplished that typical timeline by releasing OK Human last Friday. They will go above and beyond when they drop Van Weezer in May....four more albums on top of that though? Now they're just trying to impress us.

The band is planning on making an album for each of the four seasons when speaking on the Strombo Show on Apple Music, with each album having "a very different vibe and lyrical theme." says front man Rivers Cuomo.

For influences, Cuomo added that Winter will pull from 90s singer songwriters like Elliott Smith for themes of "loss and despair," "Breezy island' for Spring and then tapping into a "dance rock" style similar to Franz Ferdinand for Autumn.

No timeline on the albums was specifically stated, but one thing is for sure....there will be a TON of Weezer on the way.

Listen the interview below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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