Foo Fighters Launching Radio Station to Celebrate 'Medicine at Midnight'

February 5th is QUICKLY approaching, marking the release of the Foo Fighters 10th studio album Medicine at Midnight.

Artwork, singles, and music videos have been put out to drive up an already high amount of hype building up to that release date, and now...the Foos have one more trick up their sleeve!

Foo Fighters Radio will launch on SiriusXM Radio on Wednesday, February 3rd at 12noon to celebrate the release of the new album with a TON of exciting features including a special track by track premiere of Medicine a Midnight at, well midnight on the release day of course!

The channel will be live for two months after the release and listeners will be able to enjoy insights into the new album as well as full length concert performances, playlists picked by the band members, as well as all the Foo Fighters songs you know and love.

The Foo's sure know how to promote an album. Sign me up baby.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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