iDKHow But They Found Me Strip Down 'Leave Me Alone' in New Piano Rendition

"Leave Me Alone" has been a hit this year from I Don't Know How but They Found Me, coming in at 46 in our top 50 songs voted by you in our 2020 Obligatory Year End Awards.

The duo is riding that wave of success with the lead single off their debut album Razzmatazz, releasing a brand new stripped down, piano rendition of the song.

Not being able to be on the road and having songs evolve over each live show, front man Dallon Weekes described the new rendition as having, “A lot of vocal variations and add libs that I’ve been doing lately,” Weekes continues. “Ideas that hadn’t yet been born yet when we originally recorded it. And a different overall vibe. I think it leans a little harder into the feeling of isolation that inspired the song in the first place.”

We will gladly take this new stripped down version, and I just so happen to host Stripped Down Sunday Mornings right here on ALT 104.5 every Sunday from 7:40 - 10:00, be on the lookout for this in the rotation in the near future!

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