Noel Gallagher to Record Lost Oasis Tracks

I am a sucker for any and all Oasis news. Whenever Liam mouths off something hinting at a reunion I am at the ready to spend upwards of $10,000 to see them live (joking, but not really). I've been fooled many times and I keep telling myself I won't get my hopes again but then the Gallagher bros always reel me back in.

Noel Gallagher has never had any problem messing with Oasis hopefuls like myself. I even remember when he was recently on the bill with Smashing Pumpkins at that BB&T show a year or so ago, he said "is there any Oasis fans out there?" Obviously he got a big round of applause, and then says "this song's for you" while going into a obscure High Flying Birds song.

So I saw this story out there, I got excited and was quickly put in my place when unsurprisingly it said that Liam will not be joining Noel in recording these lost Oasis tracks.

Noel is currently in the process of re-recording 14 songs with a new set of eyes, working to re-arrange the songs that were "left by the wayside of various projects over the years," according to Noel.

So we could be getting some unearthed Oasis songs in our near future thanks to Noel, and maybe one day we can get both of them on those songs....i'll be here hopelessly waiting, being all sad and listening to Talk Tonight until that day comes.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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