WATCH: Foo Fighters - 'Waiting On A War' Video

We're getting ever so close to February 5th, the release date for the 10th album from Foo Fighters, Medicine at Midnight . With that, Dave Grohl have been pretty much everywhere. Dave has been getting in drum battles, doing cover songs of Jewish artists for Hanukah, the band celebrated 25 years with a new documentary and obviously doing all the necessary steps in promoting this new album.

Waiting On A War, a deeply personal song penned by Dave, is the third single off the record, following Shame Shame, and No Son of Mine...and it now has some visuals to it.

When the song was officially released, Dave spoke on how he gained inspiration from a talk with his daughter, bringing him back to his fears of war when he was a child living in the suburbs of Washington D.C. He thought "how depressing is it that childhood could be robbed of that beauty and innocence by this dark feeling of dread?" It was this notion that then gave him what he needed to write the song.

Take a look at the emotional video below...

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