Dave Grohl Wants to Appear on His Daughter's Album

While we all know Dave Grohl as a living rock god, sometimes we forget that he is also a certified rock dad as well when he isn't ripping it with the Foos.

According to Dave, his 14 year old daughter Violet, who has toured and done backup vocals with Foo Fighters is planning on making an album....and Dave wants to be on it!

Violet wants to try song crafting herself, and is looking towards a "shoegaze" sound associated with bands like Silversun Pickups, Catherine Wheel and specifically My Bloody Valentine

In an interview with The Sunday Times Culture Dave recalls her what she wanted her album to sound like, she said "I think somewhere within that shoegaze thing. Adding that she needed a new Loveless guitar pedal to make herself sound like My Bloody Valentine. This was music to his ears and asked "can I be on your record, please?"

I'm sure Violet will take all the advice she can get from her dad but maybe not have him too involved, so Dave doesn't become the embarrassing Dad in the process.

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