Independent Music Venues to Receive $15 BILLION in Federal Aid

I've noticed a few times stimulus posts have a tendency to get roasted on here. BUT...this is one I think we can all get behind.

As part of the congressional agreement to a $900 billion that was agreed to Sunday, a large chunk is going to places that sorely need it. Incorporating the Save Our Stages act, $15 billion will be going towards independent music venues across the country to keep them afloat.

It was easy to selfishly think about how not having concerts has affected our lives. Having great nights out, having a couple drinks with friends and seeing a show was something I did so often that I definitely took concerts and the venues that put them on for granted. With those not around, it was clear that these venues were going to need a ton of much deserved support to get through everything.

It is too early to tell when concerts will happen again, but hopefully this package gives some of the beloved venues we frequented a fighting chance in the interim so we can get them back as soon as safely possible!

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