Creed's Scott Stapp to Play Frank Sinatra in New 'Reagan' Movie

I thought I was drunk or something when I first read about it but it's true...

Creed. Sinatra. Reagan. A joining of forces that at first doesn't really make sense, but once you dig deeper, it still doesn't make sense but I love it. How do three staples of American culture come together you ask? well...

Creed's front man Scott Stapp will be portraying the iconic crooner in the new biopic about Ronald Reagan.

Stapp will be acting alongside Dennis Quaid, who will be playing Reagan, as well as Penelope Ann Miller, Jon Voight and Kevin Dillon (Drama from Entourage).

Maybe the craziest cast I've ever seen. I can't wait.

If you don't like prepared for a Reagan Smash

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