Four Seasons Landscaping Diorama Selling for $15,000!!

When a once in a lifetime blunder happens, sometimes you just have to capitalize on it. $15,000 for that matter.

We here in Philly were lucky?...yeah lucky to have one lifetime blunder happen right in our backyard at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Northeast, and it looks like it did not go unnoticed in the world.

Tracey Snelling, a German based artist in Berlin, who specializes in multimedia sculpture took on the task to mold one of the most unique diorama's ever to be created, according to me.

I mean where else are you going to get a diorama that includes, a landscaping warehouse, an adult book store, a cremation center and notable public figures like Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani?

You can't and you can't put a price on it either. It's so amazing that $15,000 might even be considered a bargain.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping...from Philly, and for the world.

Photo Credit: Tracey Snelling

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