Bon Iver Pledge Royalties to Support Gender Equity

Some great news coming from one of the more critically acclaimed groups of the past dozen or so years.

Bon Iver announced on their instagram page that they will be donating 5% of their annual publishing royalties to their 2 A Billion campaign. Their focus is working towards ending gender inequality, domestic violence, and sexual abuse.

They say they were inspired by another successful indie-folk staple, Jeff Tweedy of Wilco when he decided to donate a percentage of their groups royalties to fight racial injustice, so Bon Iver decided to do the same but towards another deserving fight for equality in our culture.

Ultimately, whatever the cause, it is amazing and inspiring to see groups like Bon Iver use their platform for the greater good. You can do the same at

Let's keep listening to these guys. Good on ya Bon Iver.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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