NEW SONG: Jack Johnson - The Captain is Drunk

I'll admit it. I'm not a huge fan of cold weather. I've grown accustomed to it living in Philly my whole life, but i'm a warm weather guy. I'd much rather wear tee's and flip flops than be bundled up in the 3 layers I had on this brisk morning today.

So any excuse to transport myself mentally to some warm weather on a beach gets me by for a little. Not many people make music better for that than Jack Johnson.

Save for a collab with Milky Chance and participating in the 35th Anniversary of Farm Aid Festival this year, Jack has been pretty quiet since his last album release of All The Light Above it Too in 2017.

Well he just dropped a new song, 'The Captain is Drunk' which you can find below. It's Jack Johnson, so it goes without saying that is a nice, laidback song to chill out to.

Check it out and mentally go to a beach like me, captain.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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