New Video Has The Strokes Taking on Some Robots in Baseball

2020 has been wild. At this point, would it really be that wild if some robots came to life and decided to take on The Strokes in a baseball game for all of humanity? Can't rule it out.

That's what is happening in the new video for 'The Adults Are Talking' from The Strokes off their comeback album The New Abnormal released in early 2020.


  • The Strokes jerseys...very fresh. A take on the old school Houston Astros jerseys that MUST go on sale in their merch store.
  • One thing is clear Robot #4 has an arm, absolute ace striking out, The Strokes in the first inning.
  • Front man Julian Casablancas, not so much, the robots teed off on him. Definitely need a new guy out there for game 2
  • A perfectly executed hit and run from The Strokes. Great coaching right there. When you're the underdog, and with the robots having the momentum, you gotta get creative in manufacturing runs, especially when you have Casablancas, a speedster on the base paths.

The final score was not great, no way around it. Maybe it was some Game 1 jitters having to take on an technologically advanced life form on a big stage. However it looks like spirits were high after the game, so we'll just focus on some of the positives above. Video below...

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