Former Phillies Star Jimmy Rollins Shares Funny Story About Joe Biden

It sounds like the First Lady to be and I have something in common...and it comes down to bedroom decor.

Former Phillies star shortstop Jimmy Rollins recently shared via his Instagram something that President elect Joe Biden told him back at a White House event in 2012.

Joe told Jimmy that his wife, Dr. Jill Biden had a J-Roll bobblehead on her nightstand and he would have to watch her kiss it before they went to sleep every night.

A proud Phillies fan, Joe admitted that the Rollins bobblehead "was the only person he'd ever allow in the bedroom with his wife!"

While I may not have given it a smooch every night, like Mrs. Biden, I definitely had his bobblehead in my bedroom growing up, as J-Roll was and probably always will be my favorite player.

Anyway, it's good to hear Joe has a great sense of humor and that we'll have two big time Phillies fans in the White House.

#GoPhils #SignJT

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