England Brewery Releases blink-182 Inspired Beers

I would think it's safe to say blink-182 and beers go hand and hand. So why not combine the two?

Phantom Brewing Company in England is getting that done with two awesome looking beers inspired by a couple of blink's albums.

"Feeling This" is a juicy pale ale that drew inspiration from blink's 2003 self-titled album cover on its can design, as well as the obvious connection to the hit single off that album

"Online Songs" is the other, described as a hazy IPA with tropical fruit and blood orange notes, using the artwork of Take Off Your Pants and Jacket for that can design.

Not only to both of these sound refreshing as hell, the cans are sick, and i'm sure tossing a couple back while having blink on the rotation would be a great time. Too bad they aren't shipping across the pond at the moment....Bummer

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