COMING SOON: Documentary Focused on Eagles Fans During Super Bowl Run

Remember when the Birds won the bowl? Yeah that was pretty cool.

I probably think about it everyday and will welcome any opportunity to relive it. Whether it's a re-run of the game on NFL Network, popping in the 2017 season DVD after some garbage performance by the current team or reminiscing about it with some guys over a few cold one's, i'm all in.

While most focus on the team, and what a team it was, it was only a matter of time before someone took a look into at what it was like to be fans during that incredible season.

Well it looks like that will be happening, with the Maybe Next Year documentary, set to be released on November 3rd. It will focus in on the improbable 2017 Super Bowl season, through some of the most die-hard Eagles fans and will be available through Prime Video, Apple TV, Blu-ray and DVD.

For more information and the pre-order/purchase link...visit

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