Jeremiah Fraites of The Lumineers, Announces Solo Album

First it was Wesley Schultz from The Lumineers releasing some solo music, now it looks like the other founding member of the band will be doing the same, but with an entire album!

Jeremiah Fraites, who plays drums and piano for The Lumineers will be releasing his solo album Piano Piano on Janurary 22 in the new year. So I think we can definitely expect some ripping guitar solos from Jeremiah.

He says it was a "lifelong dream to make an instrumental album centered around a piano. These recordings are priceless to me." Even Wesley added a tidbit on his recent post promoting it, that Jeremiah didn't even start playing piano until they first formed the band, and saying it was basically out of necessity.

That is wild to think about, just because of how prominent the piano is on several Lumineers' songs.

His songs, "Maggie" and "Tokyo" are available now on all streaming sites and you can pre-order the album HERE !!

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