Stranger Crafts a Danny DeVito Gate for Kensington Man in Need

Hell yeah. Anything Sunny related I am in for...even if it is a metal gate being installed in a random alley way in Northeast Philadelphia.

David Kammiel of Kensington finally had enough when someone tried to hop over his wall to his backyard to steal a wheelbarrow. He reached out to a neighborhood Facebook page to see if anybody could help warn off intruders to an alley way behind his house that received a ton of unwanted foot traffic.

That is when a stranger by the name of Ken Schapira offered to help craft a new gate for David for free, only if could design the thing. Ken, like many of us, must be an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan because instead of going with something standard, he created a glorious piece of work featuring a portrait of actor Danny DeVito who plays Frank Reynolds in our hometown hit show.

The result is incredible and if you were feeling up to see it up close in Kenzo....make sure to bring some extra cash along to pay the troll toll for access.

For more info on the story visit the story by Stephanie Farr in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Photo Credit; Getty Images

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