Phillies Fan Cut Outs Hit By Home Runs Will Get Autographed

I suppose one positive of not being able to be in Citizens Bank Park this season is that you did not have to get smacked in the face by an absolute dinger off the bat of Bryce Harper. Maybe you would be cool with that actually, it would be a pretty good story to tell.

Anyway, cardboard fan cutouts were the new craze this season, and the Phillies are rewarding the cut outs who toughed it out taking a ball off their "body." The Phillies announced yesterday that every cut out hit by a Phillies home run ball will be autographed by the player who hit it, and will be returned to the fan once the season ends.

The organization will also offer those fans with tickets to a 2021 game and a bag of promotional items.

Not sure yet if it counts the away teams home runs, because with the way the Phils bullpen has been, that would be a lot more autographs to worry about...boom roasted.

For those who bought a fan cut out at Citizens Bank Park, be on the look out after the season, as you may be getting a new piece of custom memorabilia.

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